Sex Statistics!

sex-market-researchSo I hear some of you have been waiting with bated breath for the results of my Sex Survey. I finally put my number crunchin’ and data analysis pants on the other day, and am happy to deliver some sexy statistics to you.

As a reminder, the idea behind running the survey came from a conversation I had with P, when we both counted our number of sex partners, compared that to the number of people we’d slept with from within the sex party/poly/fetish scene and realized it was a small percentage of the total. The conclusion? Sluts will be sluts whether they’re on such a scene or not. I then decided to poll some other folks on these scenes to see if the same was true for others. And, on average, it appears to be so! Continue reading

The Sluts

Infinite Eye, naked girls, butts, cabin

They do exist! Or should I say: we do exist? I am one, too, of course. I just take occasional breaks and am less in the mood for casual sex these days. But when I was doing the poly thing, at a certain point I was seeing as many as four other people in addition to my girlfriend at a time. There was a week in which I had ridiculous amounts of sex with different people.

A friend of mine told me, at a vanilla, day-time party this week, that I was good at sucking cock. I asked him how he knew. Apparently, I had gone down on him once at a play party and forgot about it. Oops. But I will take the compliment! (And see also: my post on blowjobs).

There have been a lot of articles floating around lately about female sexuality, arguing that women like sex just as much as men do and should be free to pursue it, be promiscuous and so on. I was going to link some here, but I’m sure you’ve all seen the multiple feminist manifestos yourself. Continue reading

When He Comes Through Town

storm, wind gusts, dark cloudsWhen he comes through town, a storm passes through my body. All the windows and doors swing open. If they don’t open on their own, he pries and prods them until they do. A gust of wind rushes in. And for as long as he deems necessary, I breathe and choke on sweat and skin and nails and hair and saliva and the intermingling of his cum with mine. Continue reading