The Doctor Will See You Now

nurses, sexy doctors, role play

A couple of naughty nurses (photo by the talented Ms. Creamy Coconut).

When I interviewed my friends Trevor and Vanessa* about their open relationship, I also talked to Vanessa a bit about her funny experiences of running into her patients at sex parties (and vice versa) since she works as a physician at a local family practice in Brooklyn. I decided to do a whole separate post on those stories, as they’re quite amusing.

The first time she remembers running into a patient was at one of the Chemistry parties. She says she was mingling and meeting people and thought she recognized one woman from somewhere but couldn’t place where. “She said we probably had sex somewhere,” Vanessa recalls, “and I just laughed, but then Trevor came up and for some reason it occurred to him. He said, ‘are you her patient?’ and her eyes went bulging out of her head, like ‘Oh my fucking God!’”

Another time, a woman came up to Vanessa at a play party and said, “You are my doctor!”  “I was like, yep, yep, I am,” Vanessa says. That woman was actually a writer for the New York Press and wound up writing a column for the paper about running into her doctor at a sex party. “It was a great article, too,” Vanessa recalls.

Another friend of ours had randomly wound up at Vanessa’s clinic one day when he was very sick. He and Vanessa had been playing with each other at the time, but when he showed up at the clinic, he had no idea he’d run into her. When he saw her, he said, “I wish this were a sexy doctor/patient role play scene, but I’m actually really, really sick.”

Vanessa recalls the episode, too. “He came in and said he had something very infectious, I think we had played once or twice before. It was a bit awkward, cause we were attracted to each other, but he was very infectious and this was all business.”

At another dance party recently, Vanessa had observed that she had put in IUDs into “at least three people on this dance floor! At least!”

Most of Vanessa’s run-ins with patients at parties (or running into play-party goers at her office) have been accidental. But if someone from the scene wants to see her as a doctor regularly, she usually makes sure it’s not someone she’s currently hooking up with. “I can be somebody’s doctor as long as we’re not currently having sex and are not knowingly sharing partners, It’s worked so far,” she says. Ah, yes, a diligent separation of business and pleasure.

*names have been changed