Generating Heat in Jan.

The lovely Miss Rashbaum of M Events chugging champagne at Splendorfuck II, as you do. (Photo by Chris VMP).

The lovely Miss Rashbaum of M Events chugging champagne at Splendorfuck II, as you do. (Photo by Chris VMP).

So I’m back in New York. It’s cold. Or it’s bound to get a lot colder this week, as polar vortex #2 (or something like it) is visiting again, I hear. But I’ve been so busy prancing around that I haven’t had time to even register the weather. Hopefully that method will continue to work this week. Some say that cold, heat and pain are just a state of mind.

As soon as I got back a week and change ago, I jumped straight into the swing of things. On January 10, I attended the decadent and debaucherous stylings of one of M Events’ parties, Splendorfuck II, where the theme was something like Marie Antoinette meets glam rock/David Bowie (meets my crazy friends who put it to good use). These are some of my favorite motifs (and people, whom I hadn’t seen in a while), so I had to go, naturally. And it was a splendidly good time, indeed. Here is some photographic evidence:

Splendorfuck 2Splendorfuck 3

splendorfuck 1 Splendorfuck 4

(These photos are by Thomas Egan Photography. You can find the rest of the documented adventures here).

This past weekend, I went to not one, but two, birthday orgies for my good friend and avid storyteller and sex blogger, Jefferson. (Oh, the lengths I go to for my friends! ;-p). Both parties were preceded by insightful storytelling shows and later moved on to some delightful mayhem. Particularly on Saturday night at the Hacienda, that was attended by some hundred or so of (yours, mine, and theirs) closest friends. Great people, hot bodies, lots of champagne, good friends, good vibes. Fun times. That magic is back, methinks.

(Photographic evidence from these parties will not be provided, for obvious reasons, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist…).

(Oh, and thanks so much to all the old and new friends that came up to me this weekend and last to tell me how much they love my blog! So glad that some of this mumbo jumbo is resonating with people, especially really fantastic people!)

Bushwick Burlesque, Darlinda Just Darlinda, BUshwick, burlesque, Bizarre, sideshow

Scary Ben and Darlinda Just Darlinda at their Bushwick Burlesque show.

On to the rest of the month…. which is somehow already mapped out. The bitter cold and snow are already here today, but nevertheless, come hell, snow or high water, I’m going to Bushwick Burlesque. I love that show (and reviewed it before here), my friends, Darlinda Just Darlinda, and Scary Ben, who put it on, are brilliant. And I’ve missed too many in the past couple of months, to miss another one. Those hot minxes and packed house should help me and everyone else stay warm (nay, get hot!) in the midst of the freezing weather. (And if you’re reading this in time, you should come!)

Wednesday is a welcome back party for my fabulous burner friend Layne, who was kind enough to lend me a room at his place in Prague when I was traveling there last month. It was a lovely Christmas week of sightseeing, delicious wine and cheese, meeting some awesome Czechs and having a jolly good time, so I’m really thankful to him for that.

And now he’s moving back to good ol’ Gotham city. Only someone of his level of generosity and openness could garner a welcome back party with DJs; that will be attended by hundreds of people (and to which thousands more were invited). If you know him, you’re probably already going. If you don’t know him, you probably should. (But I think he may be maxed out on friends right now, given the size of the RSVP list on this soiree). It’s supposed to be really cold that night, too, but with the amount of fabulous people at Layne’s party, I’m sure it’ll be hot, hot, hot in there. More people = more body heat/energy, right? 😉

On Thursday, I’m partaking in more birthday celebrations with Jefferson and treating him to some oysters! We just love oysters and there are so many $1 oyster happy hours around the city these days, that it behooves us to check them all out. (OK, I just love the word “behooves” and rarely get to use it, don’t judge!)

And this weekend, I have the option of going to an Eyes Wide Shut Masquerade party or another installment of Vitamin B with The Stanton Warriors this time. I told a friend of mine that my choice will depend on whether I feel like being pretentious (i.e. option A) or just dancing (i.e. Vitamin B) that night. So far, I’m leaning towards the latter.

Meanwhile, I caught wind of another (super high-end, exclusive and expensive) erotic party on Saturday night that I might attend. Or, barring that, I may just visit my friends at Don Pedro’s for Arkham, a monthly goth party that’s just down the street from where I live in Bushwick. They always play some good music that I love to dance to and it’s largely a very cozy, unpretentious dive-y party and joint. But I can’t stay out too late, as the next day involves brunch and horror movie watching with some friends in New Jersey. I know. It’s hard being me.

I should probably try to factor in some sleep somewhere in there. Hold on, recalculating….

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