Some delicious inspiration

Oh, what a view! (photo by The Dirty Gentleman)

Oh, what a view! (photo by The Dirty Gentleman)

I’ve found myself to be hooked on the wonderful, eloquently filthy world of Quickies in New York lately. I’m such a sucker (no pun intended?) for some well-written erotica. And am surprised that I’ve only discovered it recently, seeing as it’s been rocking New York since 2009 and some of my friends are involved in the beautiful photography (by none other than the debonair Dirty Gentleman). But better late than never, as they say!

I’ve found many of Guy New York‘s posts to be quite enthralling and inspiring. If you aren’t reading him already, I suggest you do. It’s sure to get your heart (and other things) racing. You know, if you are into that sort of thing.

I’ve admittedly been intrigued and turned on by many of his posts, though I particularly loved this one on the Recipe for Desire:

“There’s a fairly basic formula for wanting someone so badly it drives you crazy. If you start with a high dose of attraction you’re half way there. Once you mix in at least one solid reason why you shouldn’t, you’ve almost got it.”

It’s so undeniably true. As soon as there as any remotely legitimate reason for why you shouldn’t, you want to so bad. Regardless of whether you’re single, partnered, monogamous, open, poly, schmoly, it still applies.

While reading the posts about all his escapades around town, I’ve found myself wondering the same thing that my friends have asked me about some of my writing: are all the stories true? But then I addressed that question myself in my Truth is Stranger Than Fiction post, and would venture a guess that something similar is true of his posts, though I’ve actually been labeling some of my posts as “fiction” out right. Then again, I’ll admit that sometimes I’m lying. And, after all, there is a bit of truth to all fiction and a bit of fiction to all truth, n’est-ce pas?