Gratitude, in its many forms

I must say, I’m quite content with the holiday season this year. And by that, I mean everything from Thanksgiving up until now (and who knows what New Year’s night will bring yet). Or, as they call it in these parts of the world, Silvester. I’m traveling through Germany and the Czech Republic at the moment and having a grand old time. Nothing opens up my mind and heart quite like travel does, especially when it’s to beautiful places in Europe.

While what I’m doing right now isn’t your traditional opening-presents-with-family-under-the-Christmas-tree type of thing (which, admittedly, is not something my family has done in years), I couldn’t be happier. While I might miss my chosen tribe of great friends in New York, I’m quite enjoying spending quality time with new friends and friends of friends. I’m eternally grateful for my endless network of awesome people that seems to always be at my disposal and spans continents, apparently.

This holiday season is certainly a stark contrast to the last one, when I was admittedly depressed, had recently gotten out of a long-term relationship, had a bunch of other things go wrong and was, in one way or another, “cleaning out my life.” I don’t even remember what I did for the holidays last year (except for New Year’s, which involved a lot of pointless running around in the cold, more on that in a future post). Probably nothing, as I have no recollection of it. By some combination of choice, chance and circumstance, I had wound up very much alone at the time. And it sucked, not gonna lie.

But at the moment, I’m quite grateful for my life and all the crazy, colorful and candid people in it. Thanks to all of you for opening your hearts, minds, spirits, doors and refrigerators to me! You all know who you are.

Meanwhile, back in New York, gratitude looks a little something like this:

gratitude 1Gratitude 2gratitude 3gratitude 4gratitude 5gratitude 6gratitude 7gratitude 8

It’s an annual party in the burner community, where all sorts of angels, demons, goddesses, nymphs, aerialists, hoopers, rock stars, and various other sparkly and feathery creatures of the night come together to celebrate … you got it… gratitude! For the community and for the endless tableau of this kind of revelry that’s often available to us in the city. I couldn’t make it this year, but am glad to see a great concept being exalted quite so well, and so beautifully depicted in wonderful photos by Eraj Asadi. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. And one of his is usually worth millions. You can check the rest of them out here. This event happens once a year, as do some of the holidays, but don’t forget to retain that zest, gratitude and attitude year-round, kids! Not just at parties, but via whatever inspires you.



(p.s.: title of post was admittedly borrowed and adapted from L.P.)

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