Sexy Nerds in Modern Love


Stormy Leather, Cylon, Burlesque, Wasabassco, Battlestar Galactica

Stormy Leather’s Cylon Suit (photo from Wasabassco Burlesque)

Christmas came early for some lucky people this year. Particularly those who went to Doc Wasabassco’s Starknaked X-mas Show on Dec. 12th and witnessed the merry matrimony of high technology and creative striptease shenanigans. The show was a tribute to my friend Joe, who, as something of a patron saint to the art of burlesque, has been building intricate high-tech props for burlesque dancers for years. The show included acts that put some of his inventions to good use, including Stormy Leather’s famed Battlestar Galactica act in a Cylon suit that Joe built for her a few years ago. I still hadn’t seen the act live until that night. (It was magnificent. I can die happy now, thank you. Meanwhile, here’s a vid.) As well as, Nasty Canasta’s Dr. Who get-up that sent sparks flying into the audience, literally. Trixie Little shimmied her way atop a giant banana, Stella Chuu gyrated her sexy curves in an el-wire-clad Tron suit, with an identity disk made by Joe, and there were many other sexy nerdy delights.

Stormy Leather, Cylon, Wasabassco Burlesque, Battlestar Galactica

The Cylon Act Finale (photo from Wasabassco Burlesque)

There was spectacular electricity and sparks a plenty, but what the audience (myself including) didn’t expect was the fireworks that capped the spectacle. Stormy Leather proposed to Joe, her long-time beau, at the end of the show; saying that, in a relationship, the best thing that two partners can do is make each other’s dreams come true. As he was making hers, and her sexy friends’ dreams, come true by building them these outlandish props. And now, it was her time to return the favor. Talk about a great Christmas and birthday present! (his birthday is also at the end of this month).

To be more accurate, the two of them actually got re-engaged, as they were already engaged some years ago, but then broke off their plans when they ran into some trouble and spent the next couple of years taking a break. Well, I’m certainly glad they found their ways back to one another, as they are some of the most talented people I know and couldn’t have made a better match.

Trixie Little, banana, NYBF

Trixie Little’s gone bananas! (photo from the New York Burlesque Festival)

Having not seen either of them in a while, I also didn’t know that Joe now had a company associated with his prop making: Stark Naked Industries (hence the name of the show: Starknaked X-Mas), which is the same name as my blog (see above). We joked, post show, about who came up with the name first, but it was all in good fun. (What was it they say about great minds…?

Nasty Canasta electrifies the audience (photo by Rachel Gwynne-Eisley)

Nasty Canasta electrifies the audience (photo by Rachel Gwynne-Eisley)

Stormy and Joe were actually some of the first people I met on the burlesque scene, when I went to my first Kitty Nights show in August, 2006. This also turned out to be the first ever installment of Kitty Nights, which is still running every Sunday night (now at Mug Lounge) at 9 p.m., making it one of the longest running burlesque shows in the city. The show, which is put on by burlesque maven and my good friend Fem Appeal, used to focus on the “rising stars” of burlesque, but has since dropped that part of its motto, as the stage has been home to some of the best well-tenured performers in the city, as well as the new and upcoming starlets. (I’ve had the delightful honor of performing on that stage as well).

Through that show, Fem, Stormy, Joe and countless others, I discovered a wonderful world of sexy, nerdy, subversive shenanigans and have met some of the most talented people in New York. So thank you, friends, for continually inspiring me, one another and the rest of New York Fucking City!  Here’s to Stormy and Joe, Gotham city and this wonderful network of creative masterminds that makes it all possible. Cheers and Merry Christmas!