Thick Pickens

orgyLast weekend, particularly last Saturday night, there were as many as five to seven play parties (what the cool kids are calling orgies these days) to choose from. Talk about a smorgasbord of menu options. We certainly don’t have a boring life here in New York. I, myself, was invited to maybe three, but in talking with a few friends, I gathered that there were many more and some people had as many as five to select from. Yep, it’s a hard knock life!

Before writing this post, I decided to do some research (as a good journalist would) on what else is out there in sex party coverage in New York. So I found this L Magazine piece, some TimeOut coverage and this more recent piece, mostly on survival skills at a sex party. It seems to me that the writers out there covering sex parties are barely scratching the surface, or maybe they’re scratching a completely different surface, since they seem to be talking about parties that are in Manhattan, are very fancy and expensive, are probably tiered by gender/relationship status (i.e. If you are a single male, you have to pay a shit ton of money or you can’t even get in. If you’re a couple, you have to probably still pay a good ton of money. But if you’re a single woman, you can get in very cheap or scot-free). Most of which barely applies to the parties I’ve gone to, except for some.

The other thing is: they’re mostly listing parties that are amenable to being listed… those that are out there, have a name, have a website, are legitimate events that you can link to and apply to get into, rather than more underground private parties in hotels or people’s homes that I’ve been accustomed to. These, of course, are more hush hush. The hosts don’t want you to know that they exist (most likely) and don’t want them to show up in any lists by name. So, I’ll refrain from listing.

But I will doodle a draft for you of what was on the menu last weekend. There was Chemistry, which usually happens once a month and is one of those parties that you can find and apply to and pay a certain amount of money to go to. There was also Taste, which is out there on the interwebz as well and happens every Saturday. Never been, but heard good things, though the website says they welcome (only?) very fit, attractive couples and you have to send in photos to be invited. So make sure those abs are chiseled before applying, folks!

There was that thing in Bushwick that I’ve gone to for a number of years. Invite only, you’d have to know the hosts and … you know… be cool to get invited. There was also that Top Floor thing at the penthouse suites of a fancy hotel, which I’ve been to many a time. It’s a wonderful classy kinky affair, where you might be getting it on by a glass window-wall somewhere with a grandiose view of Manhattan splayed out before you. Not too shabby. Also invite-only. There were a couple of private, smaller gatherings at friends’ houses, as well as Miss Lola’s Erotic Party, which you can actually find on Facebook and just show up. Though I’ve never been and don’t know how… erotic…. it actually gets.  I think that about covers it.

Personally, I went to the thing in Bushwick and had a lot of fun. Saw many of my friends, enjoyed some playtime with C, caught up with a few others and saw a delightful filthy little show curated by none other than Archbishop Tutu, who, as you may have noticed, has contributed some gorgeous photography to my blog here.

In case you’re reading this and wondering how you can find your way to one of these private parties, I’d suggest going to a public burner party (i.e. a party put on by people/camps who go to Burning Man), they happen every weekend these days. Make some friends, ask around, get involved, make yourself useful and, more likely than not, you’ll find your own way to the rabbit hole soon enough. I know at least 10 people (or groups of people) who host big or small play parties and also do the burner scene on the reg, so you’ll probably find them soon enough. But more importantly, just be cool, respectful and patient. Not like that horn dog that obviously can’t wait to get into a sex party. In other words, don’t be this guy:

cartoon dog