Two birds, one stone

M played a big part in my crossing out a lot of the items on the Sexual Bucket List I penned last week.  And while I’m away for Thanksgiving at my parents’ other house in Maryland, I remembered that M and I came up here for a weekend some years ago when we were seeing a Pearl Jam concert near by.

The parents weren’t here, of course, and we had a bunch of sex all over the place (so, sex in your parents’ bedroom? Check!). But, more importantly, it was here that we finally decided to record ourselves doing it (making a sex tape, check!). He was a professional photographer and videographer, so there was a lot of set-up involved. This had to be done right, you see, while I mostly just wanted to get on with the show. He positioned the tripod, camera and lighting to his liking and then we did a couple of test shots, though I realized, the rest of him wasn’t in the frame. You could see me sucking his dick or the front of my body while he fucked me from behind, but you couldn’t see his face. No, we couldn’t have that.

“I want you in the picture,” I demanded.

“But this is how they do it in porn!”

“I don’t care what they do in porn,” I objected. “Fair is fair!”

“Besides,” I said. “I … like … your … face,” planting a firm kiss on his lips in between every word.

I got what I wanted. He got to keep the tape. And all was fair in love and war.