Party Girl

I didn’t originally intend for the blog to contain much party reviews or plans but if I come across some really good ones, I feel the need to share them here. I’ve actually been cutting down on parties more so this year, but October is shaping up to be quite an exciting month of events, so here are some tid bits from my calendar.

Tonight, I’m going to Bowieball, an annual event I’ve attended every year for the past four years that’s a tribute to David Bowie and a the most fabulous glam rock extravaganza of the year. It’s always a wonderful explosion of glitter, feathers, absurdity, androgyny and good old rock & roll. Here’s a pic of the debaucherous opulence from the party from a couple of years back:

Bowieball, glam rock, David Bowie, tributes, parties

With some lovely friends & fairies at Bowieball 2011

Tuesday, the 15th, is another installment of the absurdist stylings of Bushwick Burlesque, whose two-year anniversary party I reviewed in this post last month. I hear Stormy Leather and Deity Delgado will be there to perform their infamous duet of overindulgence which has taken then around the world to Las Vegas, Hong Kong and London and which they also kindly performed at my birthday party last year. You’ve gotta see it!

Selene, Underworld, vampires, catsuits

Selene, the Sexy Vamp from the Underworld movies

Next Friday, on October 18th, is the Heroes of the Underground party that I’m really excited about. Planning on going as Selene from Underworld. (I did previously mention that I have a vampire obsession, right?) I’ve had pieces of that outfit lying around since last year and was planning to use them for Halloween, but Halloween of course never happened because of Hurricane Sandy so there went that. I’ll probably re-use that outfit for Halloween this year, depending on what I wind up doing.

The following Saturday is the Hoity-Toity/Lowdy-Towdy Ball, produced by my friends (and experts in stylish debauchery) Erin of M Events, and Mike B. and Powder of the Fetish Tribe. It promises to be a place where you can get decadent and fancy, as well as down & dirty with your bad self. The best of all worlds! And, one of my besties, the lovely Miss Phara Way is performing burlesque!

Then there is Halloween. There are always many parties to choose from on the Saturday before Halloween, but I’m not feeling particularly inspired by any of them yet. Robot Heart is too expensive and exclusive/pretentious. Nobot Heart (har, har, har) is a free alternative for the burner crowd. Then there are a bunch of costume, fetish, dance, erotic, what-have-you parties. Too many of them to list here. Hhhmm… perhaps I’m having trouble deciding due to the usual problem of TOO MANY OPTIONS! And then maybe Susanne Bartsch, who is a New York icon/legend and the hostess of the most grand events, will come up with something. But if she does, you’ll have to bring the fierce like whoa in order to even get in. The other thing that I often realize these days is that: when Halloween rolls around, I’m often less than inspired by it cause every weekend is kind of like Halloween for me these days. I know, #partypeopleproblems.

Oh, and then on Halloween night itself, I’ll probably do the parade with Kostume Kult and then maybe KK’s “Sakrifice” themed afterparty. Here’s hoping for no hurricanes this time around!

p.s. if you’re reading this, obviously feel free to check out some of these parties yourself, but please don’t stalk me unless you have express permission to do so. 😉 Thanks!

p.p.s. I’ll leave you with a song I love by U2 called Party Girl. The lyrics go something like this:

I know a girl, a girl called Party/Party girl/I know she wants more than a party/Party girl/And she won’t tell me her name/Oh no, not me