Are men really from Mars?

What is it that, seemingly, makes women more open minded about gender and sexuality (and many other things) than men?

When I was dating a trans woman, I told my mom and not my dad. I didn’t think he would understand or approve. K, who’s the subject of my latest profile and a trans sex worker, also told her mom about both things, but not her dad for the same reason as me.

In general, the women in my life seem to be more understanding and supportive of the alternative things in my life than are my male friends (at least when it comes to the straight, non-alternative lifestyle people).

So what is it? Some sort of gene or chromosome that women have and men don’t? Or is it just social conditioning: the fact that men have been culturally set up to act macho and maintain the status quo.

I’m sure there is some research on this somewhere in psychology. Related: I need to read/learn more psychology.