Truth is stranger than fiction…

…is something a professor of mine in college, and a well-known current novelist, Colum McCann, once told his class. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, yet those of us who write, feel so strongly about the strangeness/wonder/absurdity/craziness of truth that we feel it necessary to then re-tell our stories, and those of others, in the form of fiction, and hope it can hold a candle to the truth. Some of us are happy just telling the truth. Others put a fictional spin on the truth. Still others put a truthful spin on the fiction. And, at the end of the day, there is an element of both in either. Because any truth is still filtered through our own memories, imaginations, perceptions, ideas and is not, after all, some objective version of truth (if such a thing even exists).

Anyway, I have a point (this is not just some philosophical rambling, cause everyone would love that, right?).  After I started blogging, many of my friends have asked me this question: “Are all the stories true?” And the answer is: most of them are. The interviews/profiles (and there will be more coming your way soon) are certainly true. I wouldn’t spend  hours/weeks working on them if they weren’t. Most of my own stories are also true. Some of them are fiction and are labeled as such. Some of them are mostly true, except for a few details that are changed, but are still labeled as fiction because…. creative license. And others, like Circles, are complete fiction. You can also see the bottom graph in one of my introductory posts re: what I’m planning to cover, and in what medium, on this page. For anything else, just ask me. And I’ll gladly tell you. You’re more than welcome to post your comments and inquiries below, too.

Most things, after all, are a never-ending stream of life imitating art imitating life…

3 thoughts on “Truth is stranger than fiction…

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  2. Here’s one thing I’ve learned about this particular question: there’s fact and then there’s truth. A fact is a fact is a fact, but the truth varies with the person, and – not to sink into relativism – each person’s truth is valid. The elephant was the fact, but the six blind men experienced six unique truths, all of which were valid and none of which bore more than a distant relationship to the fact (

    When your friends ask if what you post is true, what they’re really asking is if it’s factual. And of course, a piece of writing can be more or less factual, but I believe that, as a writer, once you start to tell the story, it becomes your truth. (Hope you followed that!)

    I also think that any writer’s fiction has its author’s fingerprints all over it, so in a sense, fiction is still the truth. The author’s truth, but the truth nonetheless.

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